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Building your Surface - Our Five Steps To Success


This stage is vital to the outcome of your development. Starting with planning application with the council to planning where and how the installation will fit and work, this stage is vital to the outcome of your development, Seek advice if unsure and be prepared with all the information and logistics and your installation will run smoothly.

Construction Materials

These ingredients will affect how the surface copes in all weather as well as determining the lifespan of the build. Again advise on your county and materials availability is key Often good quality material can be the same price as the wrong materials so take time to research or contact us for free information.

The Build

We always only use the best products and best equipment available today. As well as our own expert installation team we also work with other arena builders. Using our products and the very best equipment, we create the very best surface possible. Whatever your situation, we offer free advice on how to install our surface and the equipment to use, talking you through step by step, achieving an unsurpassed riding experience.

Surface Choice

A sand based surface is the preferred solution across the world which has been tried and tested for many years. Sand alone is very problematic and will ride different from month to month so additives are mixed to irradiate these problems, a good starting point is to use a stabiliser to improve the ride your next options from this would be to gel or wax the surface to improve further. However in a outdoor situation in the U.K our dual stabiliser is sufficient in most cases. Again free advice is given.


Combi Ride provide support and guidance on all aspects of maintenance. Maintenance of any enhanced surface is extremely important. To get the best performance, prolong life and saves you money whether grading a synthetic surface or conditioning a waxed indoor here at Combi Ride we can help with support and guidance on all aspects of maintenance. We offer a standard all in one surface manager which is manufactured for us to keep any surface in perfect condition.

Arena planning permission

Planning and design can be very straightforward or as complicated as you make it. Due to the increase In equestrianism in the UK over the past ten years and the arena becoming more of a necessity of keeping horses, councils now have a better understanding of why they are needed and the minimal impact of them when built correctly. However they will want comprehensive plans that caters for needs of the development and its purpose.

The UK planning system is favourable to equestrian developments in rural and even urban situations especially with small holding and farms through however you must know the limitation in place and apply with these in mind.

A domestic installation of an arena could just involve producing a statement of what you intend to do and how. specification sheet, surface sample and an ordinance survey map setting the location However if the development includes stables and access roads a design may need to be included There is no set or normal site and the best way to plan your install is to have it how you want it but with a experienced eye to guide you

Services Overview

We would typically charge for £299 for a basic application plus planning fee. Site survey, design, engineers calculations, drainage specification, planning, project management summary as well as complete builds are all something we can carry out at Combi-Ride.

The equestrian market is a minefield of options and opinions and without help from a independent source you can easily waste money and compromise quality so we offer a full range of help from free advice to a compressive project management and build.

Site Survey £150
Design £150
Engineers Calculations £100
Drainage Specification £100
Planning £299
Project Management Summary £500
Estimated Total: £1299

Designing a Horse Arena

At Combi Ride we are an established business specialising in the manufacture, design, and construction of both indoor and outdoor menage arenas with a quality guarantee. Over the past 15 years we have built a solid client base thanks to our extensive range of specialist services, which include the construction of bespoke waxed and non-waxed horse arena surfaces and the renovation of riding areas using stabilising fibres, rubber toppings, and high-quality silica sands. All our projects are carried out using the most innovative technologies developed by and for the equestrian industry.


We understand that as a trainer you require a gallop surface for the health and fitness of your horses. Regular workouts on gallops are essential for a racehorse's training, and we can provide you with any size gallop surface, allowing you to train in the perfect condition, whatever the weather.


Racecourses attract quality runners, bringing a quick return on their investment, which is why we can create the perfect high quality yet affordable racecourse for you. System design and installation have to be undertaken carefully, this is where we come in! We will ensure that the racecourse we design and install is unique to your horse's specific requirements. From planning, groundworks and surface supply, to installation, maintenance and a full aftercare service – we provide it all.


When it comes to arenas we recognise that the construction needs to be perfect, from the drainage to arena surfacing – we can provide you with the perfect arena, bespoke to your needs. The team here at Combi Ride are fully qualified professionals and we hold ample experience in the maintenance of all types of equine arenas. Our services have been required by hundreds of UK clients, and we have also been chosen to build, repair, and renovate riding arenas overseas.

At Combi Ride we take pride in a job well done and never take any shortcuts when it comes to quality of the materials used to build racecourses and gallops. Since we manufacture most of our materials on-site, we can fully guarantee their quality and durability, ensuring that you will benefit from a riding surface that is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and frequent use for many years to come.

Building Your Arena

How you build your arena is entirely best suited to the situation you are in for instance, a farm with lots of machinery should be building their own. Where as a domestic or commercially critical installation should look at using a tried and tested installer or seek professional advice.

We all need to look at better ways to spend our money which should include not wasting it on bad installations poor materials and arenas that do not work. You should pay a fair price for a good job and be price relative to your area and your distance for the materials used and the work that is required on your site.

A domestic installation of an arena can be tricky with access drainage outlet and topsoil replacement being among some of the common problem to deal with. There is no set or normal site and the best way to build your surface base is to have it where you want it but with a experienced eye to guide you through the pit-falls.

Professional Products Supplied By Professionals

Ground conditions, drainage and access problems can be difficult to deal with and someone with just groundwork experience or a machine operator may not have the sufficient knowledge as there are many mistakes to be made. Arena builder's that tell you that they've never had any problems are lying to you, it's how they dealt with the problems that is the key. The construction is relatively simple needing just a few different materials, however you will use plenty of them and the quality, handling and laying of these is the key to success. A typical 20m x 40m would use over 400 tons of materials, using the correct amount and quality will reward you in the life span and usability of the arena.

Horse Arena Construction

The U.K is seeing more and more adverse weather conditions in recent years, so a good construction of the drainage base is vital to cope in the years to come. Drainage stone can vary around the country from granite to limestone and to recycled material, it will be the area of the country you are in which defines your options.

Please feel free to contact us for material procurement, project management or to recommend a tried and tested arena builder covering your area.

Repair & Refurbishment

It is always better to tackle any issues your arena has as soon as possible.

From membrane repairs to new drainage channels we can help with any problems you may have with your arena. Keeping your surface and drainage unit in tip top condition may save you the need to replace in the whole unit in years to come and protect your investment.