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Dual Stabiliser

Dual Stabiliser

When combined with Silica sand a consistent and stable riding surface is created which provides the Support, Response and Performance you and your horse require.

Stability and consistency is the key to any surface and Combi-Ride provides this by literally binding with the sand to create an enhanced root structure deep into the surface body.

Combi-Ride has the ability to retain moisture within its nylon strands and when binding with the sand, it ensures that moisture levels are improved within the surface*.

The blended rubber crumb provides resistance within the surface where impact occurs creating high load bearing capacity. This provides compression and propulsion qualities, which produce the correct amount of cushioning and firmness for your horse to work on - just like natural turf.


*As with all sand and fibre surfaces, for optimum performance Dual stabiliser may require additional moisture and maintenance during long spells of dry weather to prevent fibres rising to the top of the surface.