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Arena planning permission

Planning and design can be very straightforward or as complicated as you make it. Due to the increase In equestrianism in the UK over the past ten years and the arena becoming more of a necessity of keeping horses, councils now have a better understanding of why they are needed and the minimal impact of them when built correctly. However they will want comprehensive plans that caters for needs of the development and its purpose.

The UK planning system is favourable to equestrian developments in rural and even urban situations especially with small holding and farms through however you must know the limitation in place and apply with these in mind.

A domestic installation of an arena could just involve producing a statement of what you intend to do and how. specification sheet, surface sample and an ordinance survey map setting the location However if the development includes stables and access roads a design may need to be included There is no set or normal site and the best way to plan your install is to have it how you want it but with a experienced eye to guide you

Services Overview

We would typically charge for £299 for a basic application plus planning fee. Site survey, design, engineers calculations, drainage specification, planning, project management summary as well as complete builds are all something we can carry out at Combi-Ride.

The equestrian market is a minefield of options and opinions and without help from a independent source you can easily waste money and compromise quality so we offer a full range of help from free advice to a compressive project management and build.

Site Survey £150
Design £150
Engineers Calculations £100
Drainage Specification £100
Planning £299
Project Management Summary £500
Estimated Total: £1299