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Rubber Topping

Premium Equestrian Rubber Topping

Possibly the most used material additive in the UK over the past 10 years.

Rubber Chunks have been a best seller and has been used across the equine surface industry for many years. It provides frost protection of your surface, helps to prevent surface harshness, and protects the surface against cross winds. Different types of rubber, Quality of the manufacture process and bad material has seen the rubber chip become now a thing of the past. Once a cheap topping for sand we have now moved on to better, cleaner and more cost effective ways of creating a riding surface.

Rubber still has its use when used in a smaller amount on a stabilised fibre surface to offer better frost protection. We would not recommend it just with sand.

We have a cleaner process that the old crude rubber chips on the market and can eliminate the majority of the metal wire however it’s still classed as 99.9% free. However this comes at a cost so please be aware of cheap rubber chipping on the market.

£100 per ton plus delivery and VAT.